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The modern business world is full of marketing noise. The Internet, social media, IPTV and smartphones, amongst other things, constantly throw advertising messages at us. How can your business cut through the noise and get your message heard and understood?

Digi Studios Graphic design team can enhance every element of your business marketing, from your bespoke logo and brand identity to your social media posts, printed flyers, Brochures and even Exhibition Graphics. Well-designed, unique images allow you to convey your message far more engagingly than words alone. The aim is to make eye-catching messages with your core audience that hit the right buttons. This is how you rise above competitors that still use the old, industry-standard photos, images and icons. In this respect, solid graphic design can provide a true competitive advantage.

Digi Studio's team of graphic designers have been offering bespoke, high-quality graphic design for over 25 years. Our experienced graphic designers are 100% in-house, allowing us to maintain our high standards, keep consistency high, and provide highly affordable services.

Graphic design services

Getting the elements of Graphic Design correct for your branding and, ultimately, your website is essential. Along with clever copy and great images, graphic design will help to communicate your message. Getting it right means you can enhance a customer's experience of your branding and ensure a more profound, long-lasting relationship.

Successful graphic design should reflect your company's values, ethos &, products & services. Logos, fonts, imagery and content play a massive role in your brand identity. At Digi Studios, we help you put all the parts of this puzzle together with our bespoke Graphic Design services.

At Digi Studios, we are able to offer unique graphic design to even the smallest start-ups to the largest multi-nation clients. In recent times we have been responsible for creating quality designs for a new restaurant menu and adverts to launching an internationally known brand into the Australasian and Japanese markets.

  • Business Cards
  • Stationary
  • Data Sheets
  • Pull-up Banners
  • Logo Design
  • Packaging
  • Flyers And Leaflets
  • Infographics
  • Exhibition Graphics
  • Powerpoint Templates
  • Signage
  • Brochures
  • Visual Identity
  • And much much more...

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Why should you use a Graphic Design company?

Enhance Your Company Brand

Digi Studios will help you create stunning visual graphic design so that your branding has clarity, meaning and consistency across all your marketing, from infographics to business cards, brochures, print ads, B2B or public-facing. Our specialist team of experienced graphic designers can enhance the value of your brand.

Bespoke and Tailored to You

We can help with your Graphic Design strategy as much or as little as required. We offer a full appraisal of your digital presence and can advise on delivering better audience engagement and increased sales.

Delivering Results

The short, medium and long-term goals for improving and developing your business go hand in hand with every graphic design element. We can advise on future-proofing your branding with simple and compelling visuals that complement and support your sales and growth goals.

The Complete Solution

At Digi Studios, we can help with the complete range of media and print needs to accompany your branding and web design project. When you have a suitable logo, you'll want to roll it out across your digital spaces and traditional literature. Delivering consistency across your brand promotes a sense of unity between staff and departments & enhances customers' awareness of who you are and what you do.

Although more communication is now digital, applying the same amount of time & effort to your business stationery as your images, website, copy, and social media is essential.

We'll encourage you to think differently in our discussions about your rebrand. Step away from the limited design templates of cheap business card suppliers and imagine how a cleverly designed leaflet could be. We will show you how choosing quality designs & materials for your company stationery will positively impact your sales and presence. Within any industry, first impressions indeed count, whether an email drops into a new contact's inbox, a glossy brochure hits a doormat or simply a bold & striking logo on the front of a quality business card.


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Graphic Design

Digi Studios are here to help you with our award-winning graphic designers. Whatever rebrand, design or print project you have in mind, we can help. Our website and design experts are here to listen and guide you and ensure your visual identity makes you stand out.

Where to start when you have a blank canvas? At Digi Studios, we begin by listening. Listening to you talk about what they need their visual identity to do and say. We look at your existing branding and any imagery you have and discuss whether a complete overhaul is needed or if your content can be enhanced.

We take your rebrand seriously. The results will be the visual calling card for your company for years to come, so the graphic design we produce needs to go above & beyond expectations. Our talented graphic designers are here to create a stunning, unique branding identity for your business that will help you engage with your customers & drive sales.

Targetted Design

In the beginning, we need to know what the ultimate goal is. How will the branding be used, and which digital and traditional media types? Are we starting from scratch or working with an existing company colour palette? When we know the project's scope, our graphic design specialists can create an array of content.

Graphic Design Strategy

We always start with a marketing plan. With the end goal in mind, Digi Studios will work closely with your team to compile a project strategy. Whether it's a complete rebrand, a website overhaul or a new logo and colour scheme, we work methodically and strategically to ensure you get the right results quickly and efficiently. Linking everything you need with clarity and step-by-step planning is our speciality.

Working Collaboratively

It's your brand, your company. We are here to help with your digital and traditional media spaces. Our way of working is entirely collaborative, from the planning and preparation stages through production and design to the final proofs and sign-off. We work to your brief and your schedule. You can be involved every step of the way or sit back a little and let us take the lead.

Creativity at our Core

Our designers can create high-quality imagery for various companies and industry types. They undertake thorough research and use the latest design tools and software to deliver a bespoke result that reflects your brand, vision, and values. We expect to design a series of images for you in a variety of colourways so that you can decide which best suits your needs.

Checking the Details

We invite feedback and reviews of the work we produce every step of the way. Because of our thorough research and extensive planning, our work is exemplary the first time. However, we know that occasionally changes and edits need to be made, so we include substantial proofing periods in every project plan so that you can review the work we have created.

Final Delivery

The final sign-off on designs is when our creativity becomes the visual identity for your brand. The project may then require the physical printing of assets like brochures or business cards or uploading a selection of digital versions for you to use across your company. We can supply the final imagery in any format you need and advise on the best performances on various platforms.

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If your business is looking to stand out from the crowd and reach your perfect target audience, we are here to help and take your business to the next level. Our team is available now to discuss your business, your goals and how we can make this more visually appealing to your clients whilst attracting new ones.

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